Inchi curry or puli inchi

Adrak ki curry | Inchi curry | Ginger curry | Inchi puli

Inchi curry is an integral part of any Kerala Satya. Any sadya is incomplete without inji curry. Inchi curry is a unique side dish […]

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Pudina pachadi

Pudina Pachadi (Mint Leaves Chutney) recipe

Serving size of Pudina Pachadi recipe : Ingredients required to prepare Pudina Pachadi recipe:   Mint leaves                                                  –           ¼ kg Green chilies                                                –           5 […]

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Menthikura Pachadi

Menthikura Pachadi (Fenugreek leaves chutney)

Serving size of  Menthikura Pachadi : Ingredients required to prepare Menthikura Pachadi : Fenugreek leaves – ¼ kg Green chilies – 5 Tamarind – 11/2 tbsp […]

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Guntagalagaraku Pachadi

Guntagalagaraku Pachadi (Bhringaraj Leaves Chutney) 

  Serving size of Guntagalagaraku Pachadi: 5 Ingredients required to prepare Guntagalagaraku Pachadi:   Bhringaraj leaves                                       –           ¼ kg Green chilies                                                –           5 Tamarind                                                      […]

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Chukkakura Pachadi

Chukkakura Pachadi

Chukkakura Pachadi (Red Amaranth leaves chutney) Serving size of Chukkakura Pachadi :5   Ingredients required to prepare Chukkakura Pachadi   Red amaranth leaves                                –           […]

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