beans carrot thoran

Beans Carrot Thoran | Carrot Beans Poriyal

Thoran or Porial ( Carrot Beans Poriyal) is traditional South Indian recipe.It is an integral part of any vegetarian meal. Thoran or Porial is a […]

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Shappu Meen curry

Toddy Shop Fish Curry or Shappu Meen curry

Serving size of the recipe Shappu Meen curry: 5 to 6 Ingredients to prepare Shappu Meen curry Fish,cut into medium sized pieces – 1/2 Kg […]

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crab roast

Crab Roast Kallu Shappu Style or Toddy Shop style

Serving size of Crab Roast recipe: 4-6 Ingredients to prepare Crab Roast Crab – One Kilo around 6 Crabs Chilly powder – 4 Teaspoon Coriander Powder […]

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