pavakka thoran bittergourd thoran

Bitter Gourd Thoran | Pavakka Thoran

Thoran ( Bitter Gourd Thoran )is  traditional preparation of finely chopped vegetable in  spices and grated coconut. For the preparation of Bitter Gourd thoran very […]

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Kakarakaya Tomato Kura

Bitter gourd tomato curry | Kakarakaya Tomato Kura

Bitter gourd tomato curry or Kakarakaya Tomato Kura  is a nice dish that can be served with rice, bread, rotis or chapatis. Bitter melon […]

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bharwa karela

Bitter Gourd Stuffed or Bharwa Karela

Bitter Gourd or Karela is one of the most nutritious vegetable and is available all around the season. It is also known as bitter […]

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bitter gourd pickle

Bitter Gourd pickle | Karela achar

Pickle (here is Bitter Gourd pickle or known as Karele Ka Achar) is the common side dish in many house hold. A great and […]

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