Pachi Pulusu

Miriam George, May 7, 2015

Serving size of pachi pulusu

Ingredients to make pachi pulusu:

Tamarind                             –                              100 gms

Onion                                    –                              2 or 3

Dry red chili                        –                              3 or 4

Rock salt


Directions to prepare pachi pulusu :

  1. First step to prepare pachi pulusu is to take little amount of tamarind and clean it properly.
  2. Then soak the tamarind in water
  3. Gather 2 or 3 onions and slice them into pieces (not too small)
  4. Now squeeze the soaked tamarind nicely and throw the pulp.
  5. Take medium sized bowl and add the tamarind juice to that bowl.
  6. Then add required amount of water to the juice.
  7. Then, take another utensil and put it on the stove and add 3 or 4 dry red chili in to it.
  8. Let them fry for a half a minute.
  9. After the chili is fried, add a little amount of rock salt into the bowl and smash them.
  10. Then pour the tamarind water into the utensil.
  11. Now you have to add the sliced onion into the bowl.
  12. After adding the onion, just add a little jaggery piece into the bowl and mix it.
  13. Adding jiggery brings taste to the pachi pulusu.
  14. Your tasty pachi pulusu is ready.

Note: The name pachi pulusu suggests that it is neither boiled nor cooked. It is just made without using any kind of ingredients we normally use while cooking.

About: Pachi pulusu consists of tamarind, which is an antioxidant and is also rich in dietary fiber. It also has a lot of mineral content which helps a lot in maintaining good health and metabolism. Onion is rich in calcium, which gives strength to bones. Overall pachi pulusu is said to be good for ones digestive system and is mostly prepared in summer.

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