Mutton Roghan Josh

Gems Gems, November 27, 2015

I was invited by a Kashmiri friend for IdulZuha and the taste of the Mutton Roghan Gosht still lingers in my mouth. I promptly took the recipe from my friend and tried the same at home which came out wonderfully.

Rogan josh is an aromatic lamb dish of Persian origin, which is one of the signature recipes of Kashmiri cuisine. Roughan means “clarified butter” or “fat” in Persian, while juš (alternatively romanised josh), gives the figurative meaning of “intensity” or “passion” and ultimately derives from the verb jušidan meaning “to heat”. Rogan josh thus means cooked in oil at intense heat.

Rogan josh (or roghan josh) is a staple of Kashmiri cuisine and is one of the main dishes of the Kashmiri multi-course meal (the “Wazwan”). It consists of braised Lamb chunks cooked with a gravy based on browned yogurt, ginger and aromatic spices (cloves, bay leaves, cardamom and cinnamon). Its characteristic brilliant red colour traditionally comes from liberal amounts of dried Kashmiri chilies that have been de-seeded to reduce their heat The recipe’s spice is one of aroma rather than heat, and the traditional dish is mild enough to be appreciated by Western palates that may not have been conditioned to tolerate the heat of chilies. Saffron is also part of some traditional recipes.

Serving Size of Mutton Roghan Josh : 3-5

Ingradients of Mutton Roghan Josh

  1. Mutton : 750 gm, preferably lamb, cut in to 1½ inches or weighing around 70 Gms
  2. Refined oil: : 1/2 cup., Kasmiries uses mustard oil instead
  3. Ghee: 1 tbs
  4. Curd: 1/2 cup whisked properly
  5. Hing (Asafetida): 1/4 tsp
  6. Cloves(laung): 6-8 pieces, half crushed
  7. Bay leaves(tej partta) :2 nos
  8. Kashmiri Mirch powder: 2 tbs ( can adjust as per your apice tolerance.)
  9. Fennel powder(saunf): 2 tbs
  10. Dried Ginger powder: 1 tsp Ginger paste can also be used if not available.
  11. Salt: 1 tbs
  12. Garam masala : 1 tsp
  13. Cardamom(elaichi): 4 crushed
  14. Cinnamon : 4-5 pieces or 2 inch pieces
  15. Black pepper corns : 5 -6
  16. Coriander powder :1 tbsp
  17. Ratanjot : 4-6 inch pieces( For natural red color) (Optional)

Direction to prepare Mutton Roghan Josh

  1. Heat oil in a pan and add asafoetida, cinnamon, cloves, black peppercorns and cardamoms and saute the items till having a good fragrance
  2. Add lamp pieces and cook in medium heat for 15 minutes or till it turns to reddish brown colour
  3. Now add zeera and cloves and fry till it turns brown ( few minutes)
  4. Add chilly powder and stir in low flame till it is red in color and oil appears. Please make sure that chilly powder does not burn.
  5. Add 2 glasses of water, curd , Cinnamon, Bay leaves half the quantity of cardamom, dry ginger, fennel powder, coriander powder and cook it for some time till the meat becomes tender.
  6. Add garam masala, salt, the remaining crushed elaichi and ghee and boil it for two minutes.
  7. Garnish it with coriander leaves and server hot


Add Ratanjot during step 5 which is optional

Some versions does add fried onions, shallots and garlic for taste. You can add these ingredients in the step 3

In some versions Curd is added along with mutton and cooked so that it is browned

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