Medu Vada or ulundu vada | How to prepare Medu Vada

Gems Gems, June 15, 2016

Medu vada is also known as medhu vadai, urad vada , ulundu vadai in Tamil, in Telugu it is known as  garelu  and in Malayalam it is known as uzhunnu vada.  Its origin can be traced to Maddur  town in present day Karnataka. Medu vada  in Kanadda literally means soft fritter. ulundu vadai  is made from black lentil soaked for hours and made in to a paste. Medu vada can be of different  flavor  in different regions of India.  Methi seeds (fenugreek), cumin seeds, curry leaves, chillies coconut pieces,ginger, asafoetida and  black pepper are added in different permutation combinations in different places and thus taste varies from place to place.

Serving size of Medu Vada recipe : 6 servings

Medu Vada

Medu Vada or Ulundu Vada

Ingredients to prepare Medu Vada

  1. Urad dal or black gram or black lentil – 1/2kg
  2. Salt-to taste
  3. Green chili-3-5( finely chopped)
  4. Onion-1(finely chopped)
  5. Corriender-1 small bunch
  6. Ginger : one small piece. finely chopped

Directions to prepare Medu Vada

  1. Soak urad dal for 6hrs.
  2.  If u soak it for 6hrs the batter will be smooth and fluffy and increases volume.
  3.  Now grind the urad dal by adding little water if u find it hard to grind, Beat the batter clockwise for 30sec so that batter will be fluffy and aerated.
  4.  Take water in a bowl filled with water, take small amount of batter to form a ball, drop it in water if it floats the batter is good,  if it doesn’t aerated  beat it again for 30secs.batter will not float even if batter has thin consistency.
  5. Add onion, chili, corriender, salt.
  6. Heat  oil in deep pan till hot enough.
  7. Dip your hands in water, take small amount of batter , make a ball , slightly flatten with your thumb and make a hole at center(you can use two hands, if your not able to do with one hand)
  8. Now slowly release it into the oil. Repeat it with remaining batter.
  9. Turn to another side, should be evenly cooked, and should be golden color. Cook them in medium flame. Take out from oil and drain from oil.
  10. Serve them with coconut chutney or groundnut chutney.

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