Kesari Bath | Sooji ka Halwa

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Kesari bhat or Kesari bath is a popular dish among Indians and especially in  Karnataka. In North India it is suji ka halwa or rava kesari in Tamilnadu. pineapple kesari bath or pineapple Kesari  is same version with a flvour of pineapple in the basic sooji ka halwa. It will be mango flavoured, banana or coconut depending upon the availability of the fruit. Believed that this dish is originated in Karnataka. It is widely prepared as sweet dish during the Ugadi festival. This dish is popular in many different names. This spicy version of this dish is Uppittu or Khara Bath. Uppittu and sweet kesari bath if served in equal quantities in a single plate and is known as Chow Chow Bath in Karnataka which is a popular breakfast. Similar dishes are pineapple kesari, godhuma rava halwa or kesari sweet.

This is offered during Satnarayan pooja as a prasadam. Kesari Bath is famous in many traditional hotels in Bangalore like Brahmins, Shri Sagar in Malleshwaram or Maiya’s. The ghee dripping traditional sweet is much of a delight to the sweet buds of the tongue.

The term Kesari translates to orange colour in kannada language, but this rava sweet recipe can be of yellow or green colours. But here the recipe is of yellow in cloour by using the healthy and natural turmeric. Similar version of Kesari bhat is know as Rava Sheera or Sooji Ka Halwa in different parts of the country.

Kesari Bath

Kesari Bath


Kesari Bath
Recipe type: Breakfast
Cuisine: Indian
Serves: 2 servings
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
  • Rava / Semolina / sooji - One cup
  • Water - 3 cups
  • sugar - 1.25 cups
  • Homemade ghee - half to one cup
  • Lemon Juice - half teaspoon of optional
  • Turmeric powder - Quarter teaspoon
  • Salt - A pinch
  • Cardaon powder - One small to medium cardamom, powdered
  • Cashews and or almonds - five to ten
  • Raisins - 8 to 10
  1. In a pan, add water, turmeric powdered salt, lemon juice and sugar. Let it Boil.
  2. Chop the dry fruits in to small pieces like cashew nuts and Almonds
  3. Meanwhile, in a frying pan heat the ghee, add almonds raisins and cashews. Fry these items in a low to medium flame till the raisins are puffed
  4. Add rava /sooji /semolina in to the frying pan of dry fruits.
  5. Keep it stirring so that the sooji / semolina is properly fried.
  6. Stir till the raisins are puffed and sooji / semolina is fried properly.
  7. Add the boiling water little by little in to the fried sooji / Semolina. Adding the water little by little and stir so that no lumps are formed.
  8. Once complete, add cardamom powder and stir till it the consistency is that of a paste.
Please note that he sooji / semolina will further hardens a bit on cooling.
Nutrition Information
Serving size: 1 Cup Calories: 620 Fat: 38g Sodium: 80mg Protein: 7g Cholesterol: 36 mg


Step by step method to prepare  Kesari Bath

Prepare the sugary syrup by adding water, turmeric powdered salt, lemon juice and sugar and keep aside.

Kesari Bath

Sugary syrup

















Chop the dry fruits so that it can be added in to the dish.

Kesari Bath

Kesari Bath : Chop the dry fruits
















Fry the dry fruits in Ghee .

Kesari Bath

Fry the dry fruits in Ghee












Cook till the cashews and almonds are  fried and raisins are puffed.

Kesari Bath

Kesari Bath : Nuts should be fried and raisins needs to be puffed















Add semolina in to it little by little and fry till it is crisp and moisture is removed.

Kesari Bath

Kesari Bath : Mix semolina / sooji












Add the previously prepared sugary syrup little by little and stir properly.

Kesari Bath

Add sugary syrup an cook












Cook till it reaches the consistency of a paste and serve.

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