Gajar ka Halwa | Carrot Halwa | Carrot Sweet

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Gajar ka Halwa

Gajar ka Halwa or Carrot Halwa or Carrot Sweet is a popular North Indian dish. It  is  an Indian sweet dessert and it originates from the Indian subcontinent. it is also known as gajrela. Gajar ka Halwa is a delicacy served during festivals. They are Raksha Bandhan, Diwali, Eid al-Fitr and Holi. It is best served hot during winter. Now a days carrot halwa is  the part of world wide cuisine with many variations. Carrot and beetroot halwa, red velvet halwa, cheesy carrot halwa and beetroot halwa are the alternative variants which is prepared in Indian kitchens .

gajar ka halwa

gajar ka halwa

Gajar ka Halwa | Carrot Halwa | Carrot Sweet
Grated carrots cooked in sugar, milk and clarified butter garnished with dry fruits.
  • Half kilos of red juicy and fresh carrot
  • 200 Grams of Sugar, which is approximately 1 cup
  • 300 ml of Sugar, which is approximately 1 ½ cup.
  • 6 tablespoon of clarified butter / ghee
Dry fruits
  • 10 nos of medium sized cashew nuts
  • Around 7 nos of Badam
  • Half teaspoon of Cardamom powder
  • Around one pinch of saffron
  • Few raisins
  1. Transfer the almonds in a bowl full of water and let it soak for 15 to 20 minutes.
  2. Wash the carrots / gajar properly with running water
  3. Cut the edges of it and scrape slightly if required
  4. Grate the carrots finely using a grater or a food processor /chopper.
  5. Chop the cashew nuts into small pieces.
  6. In a thick bottomed pan add three teaspoons of ghee and heat it
  7. Add the chopped cashew nuts in to it and roast it in low to medium flame till it is golden brown.
  8. Drain out the ghee from the cashews and keep aside.
  9. Now in the same pan add the grated carrots and sauté it in low flame for approximately 15 to 2o minutes
  10. Add a teaspoon of ghee once the carrots are drained.
  11. The carrots will now slightly change its color and it's raw odour will disappear.
  12. Now add milk in to the pan of cooked carrots and sauté till milk is completely dry and the consistency is thick.
  13. Stir in between so that it should not stick to the bottom.
  14. Add sugar and stir for around 10 minutes. Ensure that the consistency of the mixture is sticky and Completely caramelize the sugar.
  15. Now add remaining ghee, cashew nuts, in the mixture in the pan and sauté again for around 3–5 minutes till the whole thing will come together in to a lump or as the consistency of halwa.
  16. Serve hot by garnishing it with almond slivers.






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