Fish Biryani

Mohan Kumar, April 18, 2015

Ingredients for Fish Biryani

1)Seer fish or Ney meen – 1/2 Kg or 10 Piece

2)Chilli powder – One small spoon

Turmeric powder         –           ½ small spoon

Salt                              –           For taste as per your wish

3)Cinnamon 2 big pieces

Clove               –           5

Cardamom      –           5

Fennel seeds    –           One small spoon

Cumin             –           1/4 small spoon

4. Refined oil   –           ½ cup

Dalda              –           100 Gram

5 Onion          –           One, cut in to elongated pieces

6 Cashew nut   –           50 Grams

Raisins             –           50 Grams

7 Ginger paste –           One and half big spoon

Garlic paste     –           One and half big spoon

Green Chilly    –           8 small crushed

8. Onion           –           3 Big cut in to fine pieces

9. Tomato         –           3 Medium cut in to small piece

10.Salt – As per need

11. Lemon Juice – 5 Big spoon

12. Pudina or Mint leaves        –           ½ cup finely cut

Coriander leaves         –           ½ cup finely cut

13. Coconut – ½ coconut, Scraped and finely grinded

14. Water – ½ Cup

15. Basmati / Biryani Rice – 4 Cups

16. Ghee – ½ Cup


Directions to prepare Fish Biryani

  1. Cut the fish in to flat 10 pieces and take 8 pieces out of it
  2. Keep aside the remaining two pieces for later use
  3. Garnish the fish with ingredients in section 2 and keep aside for 10 minutes
  4. Fry the ingredients in section 3 and grind it. This will be biryani masala
  5. Fry the ingredient 5 in a pan in oil and Dalda till the onion is brown in color and keep aside
  6. Fry the ingredients in section 6 in the same oil and keep aside
  7. Fry the 8 pieces of fish in the same oil and keep aside.
  8. Saute the ingredients in section 7 and 8
  9. Once Onion is brown in colour add tomato and continue sauting
  10. Once tomato is sauted properly add salt.
  11. Add the remaining two fish pieces kept aside in it and cook it properly and mash the fish pieces in it
  12. Add ingredients 11 and 12 in it and sauté for a minute
  13. Add ingredient 13 in it and sauté for 5 minute and add ½ cup of water and cook
  14. Once the gravy is thick add 2 pieces (without mashing) of fried fish in it in and keep aside. This is fish masala
  15. By this time boil water in a big vessel for cooking rice
  16. Once the water is boiled add rice in it
  17. Once the rice is half cooked add salt in it.
  18. Keep a cooker in the stove and grease it with Ghee and heat
  19. Spread the previously made fish masala in the cooker.
  20. Add partially cooked rice in it without water.
  21. Add remaining mint and coriander leaves and ghee on top of the rice.
  22. Close the cooker and cook without weight
  23. Put the weight in the cooker once the steaming
  24. Cook for 5 minutes ( no whistle ) and keep aside.
  25. Once steam is out open the cooker and dump the rice in a flat vessel so that the masala will be on top
  26. Gently mix it
  27. Transfer it in to serving bowl and keep the remaining 6 pieces in between the rise
  28. Add the remaining Garam Masala fried onion, raisins and cashew nuts on top and serve.


Note : Any fish with flesh can be used for fish Biryani. The taste varies according to the fish

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