Dondakaya Palli Vepudu

admin, April 22, 2015


Serving size of Dondakaya Palli Vepudu: 5

Ingredients for Dondakaya Palli Vepudu


Ivy gourd                                –           ½ kg

Ground nuts

Green Chilli                          –          6

Garlic                                      –           6 cloves

Jeera                                      –           1 tbsp

Mustard                                  –           ¼ tbsp

Turmeric powder                  –           ½ tbsp

Coriander powder                –           1 tbsp

Pulses (popu ginjalu)          –           1 tbsp

Dry red chilli                          –           5

Curry leaves

Coriander leaves



Chilli powder

Directions for making Dondakaya Palli Vepudu

  1.  Select fresh ivy gourds and wash them in clean water (ivy gourds need to be cleaned properly)
  2. Then take few green chillies and clean them too.
  3. Cut each ivy gourd into long slices of four and then cut the green chillies also into small pieces.
  4. Take a utensil and pour oil into it (enough oil for deep fry), let the oil heat
  5. After the oil heats, put the ivy fruit slices into the heated oil and let them fry deeply.
  6. Then, take out the slices from the oil and put them into a separate bowl.
  7. Take one more bowl and pour 3 table spoons of oil and let the oil heat.
  8. After the oil heats, put some curry leaves, slightly smashed garlic cloves, 1 tbsp of jeera, ¼ tbsp of mustard, 1 tbsp of pulses, dry red chilli, some ground nuts and let them fry for a minute.
  9. After that, put the sliced green chilli into the already fried mixture in the utensil and add ½ table spoon of turmeric powder.
  10. After this, add the already fried ivy gourd slices and mix them well.
  11. Once everything is mixed properly, add required amount of salt, red chilli powder and 1 table spoon of coriander powder and once again mix everything properly.
  12. Then, put the stove in simmer position and let it be for one more minute.
  13. The tasty and yummy dondakaya palli vepudu is ready to be served.

Notes: Dondakaya palli vepudu is served with rice during lunch or dinner, popular in combination with rasam. It may also be enjoyed with chapati

About: Ivy gourd has a number of health benefits such as reducing blood sugar.





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