Chicken Samosa

Gems Gems, May 8, 2016

Serving size of Chicken Samosa : 6

Ingredients to prepare Chicken Samosa :

For Filling

  1. Butter : 2 big spoons
  2. Onion 1 Small finely chopped
  3. Butter Mushroom 12 cut into small pieces
  4.  Dry oregano half small spoon

Section 1

  1. Boneless chicken : Half cooked ,250 grams cut into small pieces
  2. Garlic : one clove finely chopped
  3. Salt : as per requirement
  4. Pepper powder :  2 small spoons

For Covering

  1. Flour  or maida : 2 cup
  2.  salt as per requirement
  3. oil to big sports
  4. cold water to make door
  5. Oil for frying

Directions to prepare Chicken Samosa

  1. Saute the ingredients in section 1 in butter.
  2. Mix half  cooked chicken and onion and saute it along with mushroom in the above mix.
  3. After it is properly cooked add Oregano and keep aside, this is the Filling.
  4. Mix properly the  maida, oil and cold water to make it  a dough and keep aside for 15 minutes.
  5. Divide the dough equally in  the size of a small egg.
  6. Take one dough ball and roll into a circle.Divide  it into half and make it each one of them into the shape of a cone.
  7. Fill the cone with the above prepared fillings and close  the open part of the cone.
  8. Fry it in oil till  both the sides are light brown.
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