Cream of Tomato Soup recipe

Cream of Tomato Soup

Serving size of Cream of Tomato Soup recipe : 6 – 8 Ingredients to prepare Cream of Tomato Soup Tomatoes – 450 gms Pepper […]

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Mutton Mulligatway soup

Mutton Mulliagatawny Soup

This soup can be best prepared from the leftovers from the mutton used for a roast. Mulligatawny is a English soup of Indian origin. Serving size […]

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kadai paneer

Kadai Paneer

Kadai paneer  is a slightly spicy and tangy gravy mix of cottage cheese which is mostly cooked with  farm fresh tomatoes, freshly ground coriander and […]

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Kobbari Laddu

Kobbari Laddu (Coconut sweet balls)

Serving size of Kobbari Laddu : 1 or 2 per person Ingredients required to prepare Kobbari Laddu  Coconuts – 2 Sugar / Jaggery – […]

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Kodiguddu poradu

Kodiguddu Poradu (Scrambled Egg)

Serving size of Kodiguddu Poradu : Ingredients required to prepare Kodiguddu Poradu : Eggs                     […]

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Vegetable pappu charu

Vegetable Pappu Charu (Vegetable Daal Curry)

Serving size of vegetable pappu charu : 4 Ingredients required to prepare vegetable pappu charu :   Red grams – 150 gms Onions – […]

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Chukkakura Pachadi

Chukkakura Pachadi

Chukkakura Pachadi (Red Amaranth leaves chutney) Serving size of Chukkakura Pachadi :5   Ingredients required to prepare Chukkakura Pachadi   Red amaranth leaves                                –           […]

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Bendakaya Pachadi

Bendakaya Pachadi (Lady’s finger chutney)

  Serving size of Bendakaya Pachadi : Ingredients to prepare Bendakaya Pachadi : Lady’s finger                                     –           250 gms Onions                                               –           2 Green chillies                                   […]

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