Shrimp in the Garden : A Salad

Serving size of shrimp in the garden Ingredients to prepare shrimp in the garden Section 1 Tomato :big six Section 2 Shrimp : 3/4 […]

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Veg Curd Salad

Serving size of Veg Curd salad : 4  Directions to prepare Veg Curd Salad section 1 Sprouted: green gram half cup Onion: finely chopped […]

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Sprouted Salad

Sprouted Salad

Serving size of the Sprouted Salad : 2 Ingredients to prepare Sprouted Salad Green Gram  sprouted : one cup Grated coconut :1 cup Carrot […]

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Healthy Corn Salad

Healthy Corn Salad

Time for the preparation of Corn Salad: 30 Mins Serving size of  Corn Salad recipe : 3 Ingredients for the preparation of Corn Salad […]

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Greek Salad

Healthy Greek Salad Recipe – How to make

A Greek cuisine. Typically made from thinly cut fresh onion rings, tomato pieces, cucumber slices cheese and olives, generally seasoned with oregano and salt […]

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Simple Yummy Dessert with Pomegranate

Very often women in the kitchen are boggled as to what kind of desserts can be made for an everyday meal(dinner/lunch). Many a woman […]

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Pachi Pulusu

Pachi Pulusu

Serving size of pachi pulusu Ingredients to make pachi pulusu: Tamarind                             –                              100 gms Onion                                    –                              2 or 3 Dry red chili                        –                              3 […]

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Green Chutney

Serving Size of Green Chutney: 1.5 cups Ingredients for Green Chutney 5 cups fresh coriander (cilantro) leaves 1/2 cup fresh mint leaves 1/2 small onion, […]

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