Onion Tomato Uttapam

Onion Uttapam is a typical South Indian dish which can also be called Indian pizza with Indian toppings.Unlike a dosa, which is crisp and crepe-like, uttapam is a thick pancake, with fresh toppings cooked right into the batter.

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Great Indian Breakfast, Healthy Breakfast

35 Great Indian Breakfast recipe ideas (Healthy Breakfast)

Great Indian Breakfast recipe ideas (Healthy Breakfast): India is blessed with diversity in many aspects, so is its food habits. Here is a list […]

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English Mushroom Cheese grilled Sandwich

English Mushroom Cheese grilled Sandwich

My Son is addicted to pizzas and I know the store brought pizzas are not good for health. Thinking of a way to get him out of this, I stumbled upon a recipe of grilled cheese sandwich which is better in taste than store made pizzas and easy to cook with bread

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Omelet Chilli

Omlette Chilli

In cuisine, an omelette or omelet is a dish made from beaten eggs quickly cooked with butter or oil in a frying pan.Omelet as you know is made up of egg, which is a rich source of calcium and gives strength to human body. Though boiled egg is considered to be healthier than the omelet, people favor omelet over boiled egg because of the difference in taste. A great recipe for breakfast

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tamarind rice

Tamarind Rice

A tangy rice dish made with channa and urad dals, infused with the flavor of tamarind pulp, a typical south Indian dish eaten with coconut chutney and Boiled & Salted Chickpea.

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