Nippattu recipe | Thattai recipe | Chekkalu recipe | Rice crackers recipe

Nippattu is a savoury(delicious snack) that is best enjoyed with tea or coffee. It is a rice cracker popularly known as thattai or chakkili […]

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Kesari Bath

Kesari Bath | Sooji ka Halwa

Kesari bhat or Kesari bath is a popular dish among Indians and especially in  Karnataka. In North India it is suji ka halwa or […]

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Best Indian Chicken Recipes

35 Best Indian Chicken Recipes – Step by Step

Indian Chicken curry has a good number of fan following in western countries. Unlike their bland counterparts in west, Indian chicken dishes are well known […]

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Pappu Payasam

Pappu Payasam or Paripu Payasam or Daal kheer

Serving size of Pappu Payasam : Ingredients required to prepare pappu payasam : Chickpeas – ½ cup Rice – ½ cup Water – 1 […]

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Challa mirapakayalu

Challa Mirapakayalu (Curd Chillies) or Vattal Mulakku

Serving size of Challa Mirapakayalu : 4 to 5 per person Ingredients required to prepare Challa Mirapakayalu : Green chillies – 500 gms Buttermilk […]

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Great Indian Breakfast, Healthy Breakfast

35 Great Indian Breakfast recipe ideas (Healthy Breakfast)

Great Indian Breakfast recipe ideas (Healthy Breakfast): India is blessed with diversity in many aspects, so is its food habits. Here is a list […]

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Saggubiyyam Payasam

Saggubiyyam Payasam (Sago Pudding)

Serving size of Saggubiyyam Payasam : 3 to 4 Ingredients required to prepare Saggubiyyam Payasam : Sago – 1 cup Milk – ½ litre […]

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Ullipaya Sambar

Ullipaya Sambar (Onion Stew)

Serving size of  Ullipaya Sambar : 5 Ingredients required to prepare Ullipaya sambar  : Split red gram – ½ cup Water – 4 cups Drumsticks […]

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