35 Best Indian Chicken Recipes – Step by Step

Gems Gems, December 30, 2015

Indian Chicken curry has a good number of fan following in western countries. Unlike their bland counterparts in west, Indian chicken dishes are well known for its spiciness as well as tanginess and cooked in a beautiful melange of spices and herbs. Indian chicken dishes like gravies, tandoori and tikkas are famous for its mouth watering taste. Here are few  mouth watering chicken recipes different from the tandoori and tikka which are having a better mix

Pepper Chicken
Chicken Cutlet
Tomato Chicken
Traditional Kerala Chicken Curry in Coconut Milk
Chicken Stew Kerala style
Spanish Chicken with Rice
Spaghetti with Chicken
Savory Chicken

Punjabi Masala Chicken
Peshawari Chicken
Masala Chicken
Maryland Fried Chicken
Methi Chicken – Chicken Curry with Fenugreek
Chicken with Round Onions

Chicken with Custard Sauce
Chicken Vindaloo
Hurry up Chicken Pot Pie
Chicken Pidi
Chicken Patties with Noodles
Chicken Piralen with Tomato
Chicken of the Islands
Chicken Noodles

Chicken Italian Style / Italian Chicken in Pepper Sauce
Chicken Fried Rice
Chicken Fenugreek Curry / Methi Chicken

Chicken Curry
Chicken Curry (Muslim Style)
Chicken Curry with Fried Coconuts / Varutharacha Kozhi Curry / Fried Coconut Chicken Curry
Chicken curd curry or Chicken Thairu curry or Dahi Chicken or Yogurt Chicken
Chicken Country Captain
Chicken Chow mein
Chicken Chilli Fry
Chicken Stew (Brown)
Chicken Baghdadi Kheema

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