Banana Pancake

Banana Pancake |How to make Healthy Banana Pancake

An easy recipe for Kids who hate the regular foods. Banana Pancake  is nutritious and easy to cook too. This sweet and fluffy Banana […]

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chambakka pickle

Chambakka Pickle | How to make Chambakka Pickle

Chambakka is abundant during summer. You can make chambakka Jam, Chambakka wine or Chambakka pickle. Here is my mother recipe for Chambakka pickle.  Chambakka, […]

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Aloo 65

Aloo 65 | Potato 65 | Step by step recipe

Aloo 65 : Why do non-vegetarians have all the fun. Allo 65 is at par or even better than a chicken 65 dish if […]

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Achari Paneer

Achari Paneer | How to make Achari Paneer

Paneer dishes are good if the preparation is rich and bit spicy. Achari recipe is a great paneer dish where a blend of spices […]

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Chicken Achari tikka

Chicken Achari tikka | Murgh Achari Tikka recipe

The uniqueness of Chicken Achari tikka is that chicken pieces are marinated in yogurt and in a variety of pickling spices. Often Chicken achari […]

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Masala Khakhra

Masala Khakhra | How to make Masala Khakhra

Masala Khakhra | How to make Masala Khakhra: Masala Khakhra is a Gujarati delicacy.You can make Masala Khakhras and store in an air tight […]

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Jalebi | Homemade Jelabi

Jalebi is also called as Zulbia. Jalebi is a popular dish in West Asia, North Africa and South Asia. This is made up of […]

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Litti Choka

Traditional Bihari Litti Choka

Litti choka  is a traditional Bihari dish which is originated in the state of Bihar and Nepalese state of Madhesh. Litti along with choka […]

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