Mango Sorbet : A Summer Cooler

Mango Sorbet Recipe: Sorbet is a dessert made from fruit pulp, juice or sweetened water. This recipe is best for serving guests as well […]

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Mixed Juice

Mixed Juice

Serving size of  Mixed Juice : 2 Ingredients to prepare Mixed Juice  Orange : 6 Carrot : 2 Medium size Apple : 2 Directions to […]

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Choco chip Icecream

Choco chip Icecream

Serving size of Choco chip Ice cream: 3 Ingredients to prepare Choco chip Ice cream Milk Cream : 2 Cups Condensed milk : preferably sweet 225 ml Coffee […]

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Shrimp in the Garden : A Salad

Serving size of shrimp in the garden Ingredients to prepare shrimp in the garden Section 1 Tomato :big six Section 2 Shrimp : 3/4 […]

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Veg Curd Salad

Serving size of Veg Curd salad : 4  Directions to prepare Veg Curd Salad section 1 Sprouted: green gram half cup Onion: finely chopped […]

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