Simple Yummy Dessert with Pomegranate

Very often women in the kitchen are boggled as to what kind of desserts can be made for an everyday meal(dinner/lunch). Many a woman […]

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Tangy Pudding

Ingredients for Tangy Pudding Milk : Half Litre eggs : 3 sugar : 12 tablespoon condensed milk : Half cup Ingredients for Tangy Sauce […]

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Majjiga charu

Majjiga Charu (Curd/Butter Milk Salad)

Serving size of Majjiga charu : Ingredients required to prepare Majjiga charu : Curd/ butter milk – 200 ml Onion – 2 Green chilies […]

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Kodiguddu pulusu

Kodiguddu Pulusu or Egg Curry (Andhra style) recipe

An Andhra style egg curry with a tartaric tamarind taste balanced with spices and have a rich thick gravy

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Pacha Sambar recipe

Serving Size of Pacha Sambar recipe: Ingredients for Pacha Sambar recipe: 1.Coconut oil: As per requirement 2.Methi leaves: 1 bunch Green Chilli : 4 […]

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Pudina pachadi

Pudina Pachadi (Mint Leaves Chutney) recipe

Serving size of Pudina Pachadi recipe : Ingredients required to prepare Pudina Pachadi recipe:   Mint leaves                                                  –           ¼ kg Green chilies                                                –           5 […]

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Menthikura Pachadi

Menthikura Pachadi (Fenugreek leaves chutney)

Serving size of  Menthikura Pachadi : Ingredients required to prepare Menthikura Pachadi : Fenugreek leaves – ¼ kg Green chilies – 5 Tamarind – 11/2 tbsp […]

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1. First you have to wash the coriander leaves thoroughly so that no sand is present and cut the leaves into pieces. 2. Then take green chilies and clean them too. 3. Now take a bowl, pour 3 tbsps of oil and let it heat 4. After the oil heats, add the green chili to the oil and fry them lightly. 5. After the chili is fried, transfer them to mixer jar, and add the coriander leaves to the bowl, and fry them too for two to three minutes. 6. Once the coriander leaves are done let them cool. 7. Now add the cooled leaves along with salt, little jeera, tamarind, garlic cloves, into a mixer jar and mix them lightly. 8. After the mixture is ready, take a bowl and add 2-3 tbsps of oil and let it heat. 9. After the oil is heated add the pulses (popuginjalu), garlic cloves, jeera, mustard, curry leaves, red chilies, turmeric powder and let them fry for a minute. 10. Add the coriander leaves mixture into the oil and mix them. 11. Your tasty and healthy kothimira pachadi is ready to taste.

Kothimira Pachadi (Coriander leaves chutney) recipe

Serving size of Kothimira Pachadi : Ingredients required to prepare Kothimira Pachadi:   Coriander leaves                                        –           ¼ kg Green chilies                                                –           5 […]

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