Rasa Usiri Pappu Kura

Rasa Usiri Pappu Kura (Amla and Red gram curry)

Serving size of rasa usiri pappu kura :3 Ingredients for rasa usiri pappu kura Red gram                                –           ¼ kg Amla                                        […]

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Palakoora Pappu Kura

Palakoora Pappu Kura (Spinach Red Gram Curry)

Serving size of palakoora pappu kura: 3 Ingredients for palakoora pappu kura Red gram                                –           ¼ kg Spinach                                   –           100 gms […]

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Mulakkaya Pachadi

Mulakkaya Pachadi

Serving size of Mulakkaya pachadi : 1 Small Jar Ingredients used to prepare Mulakkaya pachadi Drumstick                                            –              ¼ kg Fenugreek powder                         –              1 tbsp […]

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Mamidikaya pachadi

Mamidikaya Pachadi (Mango Pickle)

Serving size of Mamidikaya Pachadi :1 Jar Ingredients required to prepare mamidikaya pachadi Raw Mangoes (pieces)                  –                              2 kgs Red chili powder                              –                              […]

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kakarakaya pachadi

Bitter gourd Chutney | Kakarakaya Pachadi

When I was a kid I use to wonder, who in the earth will ever eat anydish made of bitter gourd ( Kakarakaya in […]

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